The Big Fix Opens New Orleans Film Festival as Fresh Oil Continues From BP Macondo Site

Oil on Michelle Rodriguez advertising for the film The Big Fix. Photo:Magda Rod

Oil on Michelle Rodriguez advertising for the film The Big Fix. Photo:Magda Rod

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The Big Fix, Josh and Rebecca Tickell’s powerful new film documenting the massive cover-up of the continuing effects from BP’s Blowout at the Macondo site in the Gulf of Mexico, premiered to open the 22nd Annual New Orleans Film Festival Friday night. The filmmakers who received tremendous acclaim for their previous film Fuel, spent over a year of their lives along the Gulf Coast and in the case of Rebecca, was severely poisoned as a result of exposure to highly toxic crude oil and the Corexit dispersant. The result of their effort is a compelling indictment of both BP’s and the Obama administration’s response to the spill. The Tickell’s have produced a truly must-see documentary film which will inform, anger, and rouse to action a great many Americans who are fortunate enough to see it.

The filmmakers traveled extensively along the Gulf Coast States impacted by the BP spill as well as Washington D.C. and cities across the country. Numerous residents who reside on the Gulf coast; fishermen, sickened citizens, public officials, scientists, oil company officials, industry experts, and leading environmental attorneys speak to the BP spill and both the media’s failure to report the story and the government’s deliberate cooperation in assisting BP in covering up the true extent of the blowout.

JC: How would you describe your film?

JT: Well there were and are basically five cover-ups, the big elephant in the room is the fact there is still oil coming in and there is a complete disconnect from what is happening daily — the oil coming in on shore — and what the U.S. media is reporting. I think the most telling side of the oil being connected to the Macondo well is that Ed Overton himself, who we now know was even contracted by BP and paid directly by BP, Ed proved the scientific connection between the oil washing onshore has the same chemical signature as the oil from the BP well.

JC: You spent over a year of your lives down there as did I, we were poisoned along with countless others, what would you like to see happen at this point going forward?

RT: For me personally Jerry, I just want the truth to come out. Some honesty and respect for all the people down here. On top of the environmental disaster, the dishonesty and cover-up that is still going on just adds insult to injury. When (Kenneth) Feinberg says that he had no documentation that proved that people were getting sick as a result of exposure to the oil that is just not the case. I have a letter from the Chair of Columbia University School of Doctors and Surgeons Dr. Vincent Deleo that says mine is not a preexisting condition, that what I am experiencing is irreversible poikilderma and that to a reasonable degree of medical certainty it is due to exposure to dispersant and oil.

Continue reading interview here.

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