BP Gulf oil, Corexit: Killer bacteria causing Dolphin die-off can infect humans

Oil Crud is causing health problems in dolphins and even in humans.

Oil Crud is causing health problems in dolphins and even in humans.

Originally published in The Examiner.
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New study findings shed light on “Gulf Crud” locals are suffering since BP oil “spill” 

After research showed what happens to dolphins happens to humans, on Thursday, a leading National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration (NOAA) scientist Dr. Terri Rowles said at a national media briefing that, based on preliminary research findings, oil and Corexit physically stressed Gulf dolphins to death, resulting in the ongoing dolphin die-off in Louisiana waters and along the Gulf Coast. The lead research scientist’s theory is that oil and Corexit decreased dolphin immunity, increasing susceptibility of brucella, a bacteria causing the disease, marine brucellosis that other scientists say can be transmitted to humans, is difficult to treat, and requires blood and samples tests to diagnose and treat.

“Die-offs from bacterial infections could be occurring because the bacterium has become more lethal,” NOAA’s Dr. Terri Rowles said.
Public health experts and toxicologists have found that the combined BP oil and Corexit in the Gulf is 11 times more lethal than oil alone.
Dr. Rowles also said that the Gulf dolphin die-off from brucellosis could be from or be more severe due to “dolphins being more susceptible to infection.”

In the research, Dr. Rowles, NOAA’s lead marine mammal veterinarian and coordinator for the national stranding response, discovered a bacteria in at least 5 of the dolphin carcasses according to WWL TV.  “She thinks stress from the Dolphin encountering the hydrocarbons and toxins in the gulf waters contributed,”  WWL reported….

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