Corexit survivors studied not helped

The Big Fix documentary chronicles the environmental battles occurring in the Gulf from the BP oil spill.

The Big Fix documentary chronicles the environmental battles occurring in the Gulf from the BP oil spill.

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Neglected Gulf Coast oil-Corexit survivors targeted for research in ongoing crime

While the U.S. government has, for nineteen months, continually violated human right to health by refusing medical help for Gulf Coast victims suffering from oil and Corexit in the nation’s worst eco-catastrophe in history, it is backing an unprecedented, long-term, costly research project targeting 55,000 victims to study their health after chemical exposure from the petrochemical-military-industrial-complex Gulf operation that began with the Transocean, BP, Deepwater Horizon oil rig explosion crime. Surviving victims, many of whom lost their livelihood, many too sick to work, many of whom grieve deaths of loved ones, are being offered a $50. gift card to participate in the government research.

“We hope to go more than 10 years,” says Dr. Dale Sandler, lead investigator and chief of the NIEHS Epidemiology Branch. “Ideally we would do this for 20 years.”

According to the Gambit on November 15, home visit participants receive a $50 gift card.

“If we are interested in (finding) really long-term implications for cancer, or other chronic diseases that occur later in life, we do need to go there. What will determine whether we can do that is how successful we are staying in touch with people.”

The “recurring nightmare” Gulf Coast oil-Corexit victims are suffering are the subject of the new documentary, The Big Fix, and “illustrated in hundreds of lawsuits targeting BP and its claims administrators for denying coverage,” reports the Gambit.

Forbes review of The Big Fix last week stated that the Gulf “spill” is “a disaster of epic proportions.” The Big Fix is opening eyes to the fact that the “Gulf Oil Spill Crisis Isn’t Over,” as Forbes’ title of its review of the film emphasizes.

“Former cleanup workers point to rashes, respiratory problems, sores, headaches, nausea, seizures, blindness, bloody stools, bloody noses and a host of other symptoms related to chemical exposure,” the Gambit says….

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