DE-OIL-IT reviewed in Wooden Boat magazine

DE-OIL-IT is reviewed in Wooden Boat magazine!

DE-OIL-IT is reviewed in Wooden Boat magazine!

De-Oil-It is a chemical compound formulated to “break down all types of petroleum waste and return it back to the ecosystem.” It does this by “disarming toxic molecules in oil, making them no longer bio available.”

Oily waste treated with De-Oil-It can, says the product’s literature, be safely pumped overboard— though whether this is legal or not isn’t clear.

What is clear is that this is a very effective cleaner of oily bilges, fuel spills, and teak.

While we didn’t have the ability to suss out what was happening on the molecular level, we tried a bottle of De-Oil-It on a greasy bilge. It didn’t take long to give that bilge a nice polish, and the resulting bilgewater did not have the oily, grimy feel one might expect after such an operation. There was simply no residue left in the bilge after applying this stuff and lightly scrubbing.

In a further test, De-Oil-It turned a sludgy, oily pot of water into a relatively clear one—clear, that is, but with little blobs of purportedly harmless “dirt” floating in it.

De-Oil-It is also touted as an effective teak cleaner. We tried it in that application, too, and it worked well.

You can see the full magazine online here.

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