Oven comes out sparkly clean when I use DE-OIL-IT to remove all the gunk!

In album DE-OIL-IT cleans the oven (6 photos)

Spray DE-OIL-IT on the oven racks

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So, last night I broke a record in our house. I set off not 1, but 2 smoke detectors while making dinner in the oven!

Turns out the olive oil from our pizza crust last weekend had dripped in the oven and when it was set to 400 degrees, created a ton of smoke!

Now I’ve been known to set off the smoke alarm a time or two when whipping up a masterpiece in the kitchen, but NEVER all the alarms on this end of the house!

So, once the smoke cleared and the oven cooled, I knew I had to do something to get the oil out of the oven and off the racks (cause of course we didn’t use the pizza stone since we were just crisping up the crust before cooking the pizza on the grill).

I found a bottle of my husband’s #DE-OIL-IT in the basement and decided to give it a go. I mean it said all over the bottle that it removed oil and oil is exactly what I needed to remove!

It worked amazingly! Just see the pictures as proof. Now I’m tempted to try it on my stove top and well, pretty much everywhere else too!

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