DE-OIL-IT, the Golf Course Master

I was at a Golf Course today and they fortuitously had a large engine spill. We treated it with DE-OIL-IT and then left to work on something else. I returned about 4 hours later and took photos and re treated the area – see the photo album attached.

In album DE-OIL-IT applications on the golf course (6 photos)

Area of a heavy oil spill after one treatment of DE-OIL-IT.




We also tried the DE-OIL-IT on ingrained grass stains/build-up on the bumper of one of their mowers and in one application it came up like new. The equipment manager told me it wont normally come off with power washing unless you rub it hard!

–Ian of CS Turf Products,

Just in time for the end of the Masters, watch for more DE-OIL-IT on the golf course stories, pictures, and videos later this month.

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