High winds hamper N.J. oil spill cleanup

Originally published on ABC.

PAULSBORO, N.J. – February 25, 2012 (WPVI) — Wind gusts pushed oil fumes into the homes of Paulsboro residents, while cleanup crews battled high winds to contain the oil from Thursday’s spill at a New Jersey refinery.

Saturday residents in Paulsboro, New Jersey and surrounding communities were staying indoors. Paulsboro is the location of the refinery and the residents say the smell was worse there.

Residents say it was a nauseating stench carried by 45 mph winds across South Jersey Saturday.

“It’s just an awful smell. All day and all night as soon as you wake up and as soon as you go to sleep, it creeps in through the windows, through the air conditioner,” said Michal Kamarauskas.

“We have to cover our faces just to take the dogs out,” said Mike IlDefonso. “We have candles in every room because the smell is so bad. This is the worse it has ever been.”

6.3 million gallons of crude oil leaked from a tank into an emergency containment area at the refinery Thursday.

Foam was spread to help with the odor, but it was no match for the rain and nearly 45 mile per hour winds.

State environmental officials say the fumes are irritating but not toxic, but as a precaution, the elderly and people with breathing problems should limit their time outdoors.

A number of people still complaining of feeling sick on Saturday, and they say the spill is to blame.

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