Introducing DE-OIL-IT for Golf Maintenance Applications

DE-OIL-IT has just finished production on a high-end video produced at a golf course in South Carolina that highlights golf maintenance applications for DE-OIL-IT. Two minutes of powerful, captivating footage, the video has been released on YouTube,, and multiple distributor’s websites.

The video showcases a golf course that is currently utilizing DE-OIL-IT along with several other green products including INOX and FuelMedic. Golf courses utilize a fleet of machines, tractors, and mowers to maintain pristine turf. With machinery comes fuel, oil, and other petroleum products which are toxic to the grass as are the chemicals used to clean them. Until now, it has been a fretful balance for golf maintenance between the machines used for turf upkeep and nurturing the greens by protecting them from petroleum leaks and run-off.

The video demonstrates that this trio of environmentally friendly products- DE-OIL-IT, INOX, and FuelMedic- are a welcome substitute to the harsh chemicals normally used on turf equipment which kill turf upon contact. The video shows how DE-OIL-IT breaks petroleum products down without producing toxic run-off or waste and will even save the green in the event of a hydraulic oil spill. Now golf maintenance on courses are free to clean and maintain their equipment without fear of how it will negatively impact the turf. DE-OIL-IT helps maintain equipment AND can be used directly on the turf whenever petroleum products come into contact with grass.

Short and motivating, the new video has already made waves and is attracting attention to DE-OIL-IT from CEOs and Distributors alike.

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