From Trinidad Tank & Fuel

DE OIL IT does it all :

• Eliminates the need for degreasers & other toxic cleaners
• Removes grease/fuel/oil stains from pavement/concrete
• Quickly degrades/remediates spills until other aid arrives
• Reduces risk of fire and explosion from fuel & oil spills
• Effluent flushes with water, no costly disposal of sorbents
• Mitigates/remediates toxins in soil, drains and water table
• Useful component in fuel & oil spill contingency kits
• Keeps parking and drive-thru areas oil & slip-free
• Cleans & remediates accumulated fueling area spills
• Effective fuel tank and fuel line decontaminant
• Useful in all emergency and first response vehicles
• Use on fuel trucks for spills on soil/pavement/water
• Spill response tool for lake/stream/river/coast areas
• Spill response/firefighting for road/rail/aircraft spills
• Contingency planning: lake/stream/river/coast areas
• Effective spill/fire control in urban and remote areas
• Use for construction equipment cleaning/fueling

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