Titusville Ace Hardware, Goes Green & Promotes Responsible Clean Living

Going green & clean living are more than just a trend.

Going green & clean living are more than just a trend at Titusville Ace Hardware.

Titusville Ace Hardware features 4 New Green Products From local businesses to promote clean living

Going green & clean living are more than just a trend. Not only is it good for the environment, but it is also good for sales. As people are growing more conscientious of their impact on the environment, they will more readily reach for a green alternative when it is available. In this spirit, Titusville ACE Hardware is showcasing an end-cap in their store for the next month that features four green products.

DE-OIL-IT, a revolutionary new generation technology, is a CLEANER / DEGREASER / DEGRADER.  A Driveway Stain Remover, a Fuel & Oil Spill remover, and a Boat Bilge Cleaner, DE-OIL-IT also comes in a gallon concentrate which includes dilution ratios to remove fuel, oil and grease from just about everything in your home or business. Working at the molecular level, DE-OIL-IT detoxifies petroleum waste allowing the bacteria found in the air, water and ground to break it down naturally. There’s nothing left to clean up, it requires no disposal, AND it is completely safe for the environment. The applications are limitless.

Fuel Medics, makes the use of the latest technologies available, in fuel treatment and preventive maintenance of marine, transportation, mining and generator engines. By attacking the problem where it starts, your fuel, will be introduced into your engine better atomizes causing fuel to burn more completely and fuller, thus more efficiently.

INOX, manufacturers a full line of lubricating products including MX3, the only lubricant in the world with a special anti-corrosion, anti-moisture formula designed for the 21st century. MX3 goes beyond clean living and green as it is food-grade and even kosher certified.

Beyond Green Beyond Clean… features the first safe DIY fogging system for mold, bacteria and odors.  Beyond Green Beyond Clean uses advanced catalytic enzyme technology and unique natural ingredients from plants, gives you hospital grade disinfection, is 100% BIODEGRADEABLE, and, unlike harsh chemicals, will not harm fabrics and finishes.

JB Enterprises, supplying ACE Hardware with these lines, is offering several exciting introductory packages to all ACE Hardware stores. To learn more about these specials, contact JB Enterprises at: www.jbenterprisesoffl.com

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