DE-OIL-IT to the rescue: Emergency oil spill cleanup in Trinidad

This story about an emergency oil spill cleanup came in over the weekend from Trinidad Tank and Fuel:


A few months ago we introduced DE-OIL-IT to one of our land-based, Oil Production clients. Although impressed, they advised that they would make an executive decision and would let us know what their decision was in due course. In as much as we followed up and supply this client with our services such as tank cleaning and well injection, we felt as though it would take a need to get the client to sign on with DE-OIL-IT. Something to really put the DE-OIL-IT to the test in an emergency oil spill cleanup situation.
 About 3 weeks ago, at around 5 pm on a Thursday afternoon, the Production Superintendent called the office in a panic.  He exclaimed that a well head had been damaged and there was a crude oil spill that has seeped into a mangrove and needed us to dispatch an emergency crew and bring as much of that “DE-OIL-IT Spill Chemical That We Had!”  Our oil spill cleanup and response crew responded and within 30 minutes of the call, we were en route.


The DE-OIL-IT was mixed 3:1 parts water and applied with a generic pump sprayer.  The total product quantity of 5G of DE-OIL-IT was used to address the contamination on land and in the water way.  The media was contacted by local residents after the spill occurred.  When the media in fact arrives, the Oil Production Company looked like heros!  Of course, the real star of the show was the DE-OIL-IT.  The client now buys 1 drum of DE-OIL-IT per month and has added the DE-OIL-IT to their oil spill cleanup contingency plan, as well as replaced other degreasers with the DE-OIL-IT due to its variable capabilities.


Know us before you need us!
Trinidad Tank and Fuel and DE-OIL-IT

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