Writes satisfied CS Trading customer, Mr. Manfred Klein,

“I've used De-Oil-It on some thickly oil-coated interior surfaces of the 
Folkboat, and have been very satisfied with the results. I sprayed the 
area concerned repeatedly over a couple or three days, and removed 
the resulting sludge with a putty knife; came off with little effort. Overall, I'm highly satisfied with the product. 

All of the applications of De-Oil-It shown were by spray bottle over a period of three days, 1 to 2 applications per day.  The whole process of applying the product took maybe 15 mins.
I've recently become a member of the Monroe Boat Club and will recommend DE-OIL-IT to the membership."

In album Cleaning a boat bilge with DE-OIL-IT (7 photos)

Part of the starboard bilge before De-Oil-It was applied.

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