Rain hampers oil spill cleanup

HAMPTON, Va. (WAVY) – As of Wednesday, a major oil spill cleanup in Hampton was still in progress. More than 3,000 gallons of used motor oil leaked from a storage tank into a drainage ditch in the Briarfield neighborhood Sunday.

According to Hampton Fire Department spokesman Capt. Anthony Chittum, Monday night’s storm made the water rise over booms placed to control the spill.

Rain hampers oil spill clean-up

A company called LCM Corporation is in charge of the oil spill cleanup effort. They were on the scene of the spill Tuesday placing booms to absorb the oil from the water.

“We’ve been down to Louisiana with the BP oil spill, so we’ve handled large spills, and dealing with real hazardous chemicals, so we’ve dealt with things that are large. This is quite a spill because it goes so far,” said Larry Logan, Emergency Operations Director for LCM Corporation hired to clean-up the oil.

Logan says Monday night’s rainfall was frustrating.

“Probably our biggest challenge was the weather last night. Prior to that we had a lot of the oil soaked up, we’ve had VAC trucks. It really looked pretty good. We knew we didn’t have it all because it sits in crevices and things like that. Mother nature took care of us and brought us a deluge of rain and that changed everything that we were doing. The spill now is farther down. Everything we had in was washed out. The ditch line right behind me, if you would have seen that, it got up about five feet which there wasn’t anything in it, so now it’s contaminated the banks up five feet on each side.”

Some residents worried about the impact the oil and the oil spill cleanup could have on wildlife and marshes in the area….

By Jane AlvarezWertzKatie Collett/ Originally published by WAVY.com

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