DE-OIL-IT addresses oil spills on land and water

DE-OIL-IT applied to a water and land based oil spillThis is a story about how an Oil Company rose from villainy to superherodom. A few months ago, Trinidad Tank and Fuel introduced DE-OIL-IT to one of their land-based, Oil Production clients. It was a perfect match as DE-OIL-IT serves both for oil spill petroleum remediation and as a cleaning product for machinery used in oil production and refinement. Although impressed, the client advised that they would make an executive decision in due course. Months passed and it became obvious that the matter had been shelved. Even though DE-OIL-IT is revolutionary and would be an extreme benefit to their client’s operations, crisis is a far greater motivator than anticipation. Tank and Fuel knew then that it would take an emergency to actually push their client to utilize DE-OIL-IT.

Sure enough, in a few months time that same Oil Production client had a massive oil spill that contaminated local water. The infuriated residents called the media in an effort to expose the crippling oil spill. The Oil Production Company acted quickly and, remembering the promising product Tank and Fuel touted, they applied DE-OIL-IT on the oil spill before the media arrived. DE-OIL-IT was mixed 3:1 parts water and applied quickly on the surface with a generic pump. Within minutes, the oil was already breaking down and by the time the media was on location, the contamination was contained and the oil damage negated. Where they were to be the heinous headliner villains, the Oil Production Company actually came out as heroes, thanks to DE-OIL-IT. As if often the case, it took an emergency to open skeptic’s eyes. But skeptic’s no-more, the company now receives a standing, hefty monthly order of DE-OIL-IT. They have added it to their oil spill cleanup contingency plan, as well as replaced other degreasers with DE-OIL-IT due to its variable capabilities. DE-OIL-IT, a.k.a, secret superpower.

DE-OIL-IT to the rescue to remediate a land and water based oil spill

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