DE-OIL-IT automated delivery into an effluent pit

In the oil field, an effluent pit is a manmade collection pit/hole in the earth/ground. It is designed to collect all oil contaminated discharges from a designated facility. This effluent pit can vary in size, shape and depth depending on the amount of effluent discharges generated by a company/facility. The effluent pit is fitted with a dogleg in the pit. These effluent pits act as a control measure for effluent discharges/oily waste water that enters the pit. The pit acts as a control medium where the oily effluent discharge settles and where the oil and water separate. Water being denser of the two fluids will settle at the bottom of the pit and the skim of oil in the effluent will remain at the top. When the levels of the pit reach a certain height the water at the bottom of the pit will go though the dogleg and are released into the environment. Sometimes these water discharges may have an oily sheen and during rain falls there is no settling time, and as a result, the oily effluent gets into the environment. This where DE-OIL-IT comes in.

Trinidad Tank and Fuel effluent pit time release Remediation System

Far left: Trinidad Tank and Fuel effluent pit time release Remediation System; Middle: When DE-OIL-IT was added to the first primary effluent pit; Right: After only 1 minute, DE-OIL-IT goes to work on the toxic oil.

Trinidad Tank and Fuel just designed a system that delivers pre-diluted DE-OIL-IT into an effluent pit.  Through gravity fed piping and on a designated schedule, DE-OIL-IT is dispersed in the tanks. Designed by Shameed Juman-Ali, Operations Manager at Tank and Fuel, this system ensures that by the time this effluent reaches the first effluent pit the hydrocarbon breakdown process would have been in effect and will continue to work until the hydrocarbon is fully broken down. In a nutshell, the system treats the effluent discharge ensuring that when the water goes into the environment, it is environmentally friendly and without petroleum taint.

Tank and Fuel’s clients are already putting the system to use. Tank and Fuel offer the system free of charge in tandem with a monthly commitment of DE-OIL-IT Drum orders.

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