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Once DE-OIL-IT comes into contact with any type of petroleum based spill, the remediating process begins

Once DE-OIL-IT comes into contact with any type of petroleum based spill, the remediating process begins. It is complete and irreversible. DE-OIL-IT will not let the oil re-bond and sink to the oceans bottom and ruin their beautiful reefs and beaches. — in Freeport, The Bahamas.

Overseas Marine Company has partnered with the Green World Products, LLC to introduce a new, environmentally friendly product called ‘DE-OIL-IT.’

DE-OIL-IT is a unique, non-toxic solution that completely eliminates all fuel and oil spills found on land or water. It also breaks down the petroleum molecules and safely reintroduces them back into the environment.

This revolutionary product is a degreaser-degrader, but it can also be used as a powerful cleaning agent in the household.

John Collier, Managing Director of Trinidad Tank and Fuel Services who conducted the four day training seminar said, “We have a product that is strong enough to address real-life situations we face in the energy and industrial marine sectors such as oil spills, but yet gentle enough to use to mop your floors and clean your toilets. It protects the environment and more importantly the workers.

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“It will not only get the job done and put The Bahamas on the map for making vigilant efforts to deal with things on a preventative matter, but DE-OIL-IT will also replace toxic products currently in use with a product that brings no harm to the marine life, the vegetation or human beings.”

Overseas Marine Company hopes to get major industrial companies in Grand Bahama and throughout The Bahamas interested in purchasing and utilizing DE-OIL-IT because of its wide range of uses.

Collier noted that DE-OIL-IT is a multi-industry product. He said, “I was completely blown away by the industrial sector here in Freeport, you have the oil and gas industry, the industrial marine, construction, the sanitation industry as well as the automotive sector … everyone can use DE-OIL-IT in their daily day-to-day work.”

Michael Fitzgerald, CEO and Owner of Green World Products and the manufacturer of DE-OILIT, said, “I think DE-OIL-IT is going to be perfect for The Bahamas because it’s going to help keep your beaches clean and take care of your coral and marine life. Especially important is how DE-OIL-IT can help this country clean-up its toxic land sites and play a role as a regular maintenance product for all of its oil and industrial companies

Daniel Murray, Captain and Operator at Overseas Marine, said he is excited about the launching of this new product and that he is ready to introduce it to the industrial sector.

He added, “Our company is usually on ground zero in the middle of most of the spills so we get a very first-hand experience of the disasters and the products used to try and resolve them but I’ve never seen anything work like DE-OIL-IT.

“Not only will this product remove the oil and toxins but it won’t cause skin irritations because it doesn’t penetrate the pores of your skin nor will it cause any harm if inhaled for long periods of time, so for us this is a blessing.”

Originally published in the Freeport News
Desiree Joseph | FN News Reporter

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