See what DE-OIL-IT is doing for the environment- Video

DE-OIL-IT wants what is best for our environment and makes that an important consideration. Unlike other products, DE-OIL-IT doesn’t sink petroleum waste to the bottom of the ocean or move it to poisonous dump sites. Eventually that discarded toxic waste will contaminate our waterways, leach into our water supplies and adversely affect marine, plant, animal and human life.

Once DE-OIL-IT comes into contact with a petroleum spill, the remediation process begins. It is complete and irreversible. Using a patented process, DE-OIL-IT breaks down and converts petroleum waste into an eco-friendly carbon now ready to be safely reintroduced into the ecosystem.

Minimizes a spills environmental impact. When used correctly, DE-OIL-IT restores waterways, land sites, beaches & marshes.

DE-OIL-IT does NOT hurt the environment. It is biodegradable, non toxic, non butyl, non microbial and contains no enzymes or nutrients. DE-OIL-IT is safe to use, safe for our planet.

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