Major Oil Company Cleans-up Its Chain of Fueling Stations

Port of Spain, Trinidad: National Petroleum, one of the most diversified petroleum companies in the Caribbean, operates its own chain of fueling stations. This month, they began a new environmental program designed to reduce its downstream pollution from the grease, oil and fuel deposits left by the many cars and trucks that visit their stations.

A new product was used called DE-GREASE-IT, a fuel and oil spill eliminator, which completely breaks down any type of hydrocarbon into an environmentally safe form of dirt. “It is so effective,” quotes Christian De Freitas, Business Development Executive for Trinidad Tank & Fuel Service, who did the job “that the run off even cleans any pre-existing toxic soil it comes into contact with as it makes its way through the ground and sewer systems.”

Andrew Collier, Director of Operations for Trinidad Tank & Fuel Services said that “National Petroleum is committed to implementing new and environmentally responsible policies that benefit the communities they serve.”

“Additionally,” Mr. Collier continues, “DE-GREASE-IT is non-toxic and biodegradable and unlike other toxic cleaning products, DE-GREASE-IT it is even safe for his workers and staff to use without having to wear protective gear.”

National Petroleum also reaps the benefits of presenting cleaner service stations, reducing the chance of customers slipping on the grease and potentially hurting themselves, and finally, grease, fuel and oil prematurely crack their concrete pads and parking lots saving them thousands of dollars in repair costs.

DE-OIL-IT products are approved for ocean and soil clean-up by the Ministry of Energy of Trinidad & Tobago.

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