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We are currently accepting qualified distributors for the following market segments:

If you think your dealers and customers would benefit from the oil and grease eliminating properties of DE-OIL-IT, you can start carrying this Amazing Product and enjoy new and increased consumable sales. We provide training, advertising content, online marketing and more to qualified dealers and we’re looking forward to welcoming you to our Amazing Products team!

• Marine ship stories
• Marina services departments
• Retail boat supply stores
• Boat detailing businesses
• Boat & shipyards
• Ports
• Auto Retail Stores
• Gas Station Parking Lots
• Car And Truck Fleet Owners
• Retail Car Service Departments
• Auto Dealer Service Department’s
• Racing Industries
Home Maintenance
• Ace Hardware Stores
• Other Hardware Store Chains
• Lawn And Garden Stores
• Airports
• Airport Maintenance Companies
• Airplane Repair Companies
• UPS And Fedex Fleets
Maintenance Supply
• Janitorial Companies
• Pressure A Washing Companies
• Property Management Companies
• Laundry Companies
• Hotels
• Facility Maintenance Companies
• Facilities
• Gen. Construction
• Oil Companies
• Railroads
• Fabrication Companies
• Equipment Rental Companies
• Equipment Repair Shops
• Railroads
• Public Transportation Companies
• Highway Departments
• Fire Departments
• Police Departments
• Fleet Maintenance
• Gen. Construction
• Landscaping Contractors
• Golf Courses
• Convenience Store Chains
• Supermarkets
• Drugstore Chains
• Restaurants
• Rides And Theme Parks
Remediation Applications
• Oil Reclamation
• Ocean Oil spill remediation
• Land Oil spill remediation
• Government
• Military

If you are interested in becoming a distributor of DE-OIL-IT, please fill out the contact form below or contact us directly at (407)574-3898.

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