Boat Wash


Application Methods:

De-Oil-It boat wash application: mops, sponges and other applicators typically used in boat washing.

  1. For general boat wash:
      1. Dilution ratio (from Concentrate): 1:20 parts product to water, up to 1:30 parts product to water.
      2. Apply DE-OIL-IT to boat deck, hull and teak finishes as with any other boat wash.
      3. Allow 10 – 15 minutes for DE-OIL-IT to work.
      4. When finished, thoroughly rinse all boat surfaces, especially glass windows to remove DE-OIL-IT solids completely.
  2. For scuff marks, carbon build-up’s, stains and other blemishes:
      1. Dilution ratio (from Concentrate): 1-part product to 2-parts water.
      2. Spray or wipe on DE-OIL-IT to stained area.
      3. Allow at least 15 – 30 minutes for DE-OIL-IT to work. DE-OIL-IT is water activated. When the treated area dries, the solids in DE-OIL-IT stop working and remain dormant until they are rehydrated. High humidity or morning dew will be sufficient.
      4. When targeting stains that have penetrated more deeply into finish, do not rinse directly afterwards. DE-OIL-IT will continue to clean while it remains on area and kept hydrated.
      5. When finished, thoroughly rinse all boat surfaces to remove DE-OIL-IT solids completely.
      6. Rewax the area.

Cautions: Keep Product away from children. Skin Contact: protective rubber gloves not required but recommended; rinse thoroughly with water until any irritation subsides; application of skin or hand moisturizer recommended after use; if irritation persists seek medical assistance. Not recommended for prolonged use on glass. Concentrated forms of De-Oil-It and prolonged use could strip the wax on your boat follow recommended dilution 1:30 product to water.

Please use De-Oil-It and all other cleaners in a responsible manner according to posted regulation protocols and enforcement, especially in our shared waterways. De-Oil-It is a natural product that can detoxify** and reduce harmful hydrocarbon contamination produced from your boat.

** Detoxification / non-toxic means an end result correctly applying De-Oil-It by following the recommended dilution guide, availability of water and oxygen (the activators of De-Oil-It), and being patient (in time naturally occurring bacteria in land and sea will enable the degrading of the hydrocarbon contaminant into smaller simpler molecules of carbon, hydrogen and oxygen versus a complex fully attached hydrocarbon molecular chain that is toxic). Detergents and solvents can only partially breakdown the hydrocarbon chain and their degrading action is weak in the sense that the separated simple hydrocarbon molecules re-bind, leaving remnants of toxic compounds that are harder if not impervious to natural bacteria final degrading; one consequence of this is to encapsulate the oil making it heavy and sink to the ocean floor – therefore in comparison to detergents and solvents, De-Oil-It starts as non-hazardous completely organic ingredients that are found on the Food and Drug Administration’s (FDA) GRAS (“Generally Recognized as Safe”) List, and can transform hydrocarbon contaminates (oil, grease, fuel) into an inert (non-toxic) state. De-OilIt’s “colloidal micelle” technology more successfully breaks down the complex hydrocarbon chain, separates smaller simpler hydrocarbon elements, and De-Oil-It then more tightly binds to the broken down hydrocarbon chain parts so they do not reform as is the case with detergents and solvents. We are a non-detergent, non-solvent, organic only formula that works.   We are here to help you understand remediation methods including how much agitation, working with soil and sea, as we have a wealth of experience regarding successful approaches and final outcomes.

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