Environmental Protection Plan

Introducing the Environmental Protection Program by Tampa Bay Yacht Masters

So you don’t think we can erase the past ?


Think Again !


Tampa Bay Yacht Masters has created a non-profit organization ENVIRONMENTAL PROTECTION PROGRAM that De-Oil-It is one of selected products that represent environmentally responsible formulas, product action, and after product action to the environment.

Environmental Protection Program started in 2006 to illustrate to recreational boaters it is important to take every step possible to preserve the beauty of our waterways. It may seem trivial but the products and ways we use them makes a difference. It was in this time that the De-Oil-It Bilge Cleaner was introduced to treat oil and fuel leakage into the bilge and then break down the pollutants into a form that ultimately results in an inert, less toxic (to completely non-toxic) water run off. Better for the bilge and much better for the surrounding environment.



The EPP (Environmental Protection Plan) focuses on illustrating best practices, products and methods to best preserve and be more environmentally responsible for WATER AIR and LAND


The Environmental Protection Plan organization acts as a umbrella group to provide a single source starting point to learn, participate and share best practices, products and services that are environmentally responsible


And of course the end game of the Environmental Protection Plan is no surprise: TO PROTECT THE ENVIRONMENT in a better, more consistent and responsible way


Example Products that are helping to be more environmentally responsible ways.



De-Oil-It: What all environmentally responsible products aspire to be. Remediation and clean up of oil, fuel spills are managed. A degreaser / degrader of hydrocarbons, breaking down oil, fuel and grease into a more environmentally responsible form – a “colloidal micelle formation” technology that has a heightened vulnerability to be further decomposition naturally by bacteria and therefore safer to reintroduce the less toxic (to possibly completely non-toxic) a new form into water systems, land, and air.



INOX: Like De-Oil-It a very environmental responsible product that is astonishingly a superior lubricant / grease that is food safe, and with less than 1% dispersement rate means less toxics escape into the environment. NSF approved food safe rating means the ecosystem is less troubled by unintended consequences. A lubricant for all jobs, from residential to highly demanding industrial requirements.



FUEL MEDIC: We live in a time whereby fossil fuels are still mainstream. Fuel Medic approaches ecology friendliness by ensuring gas and diesel engines run to peak performance, require less fuel for operation due to increased lubricity that attributes better atomization of fuel to be burned more efficiently and cleaner. Finally less fuel is wasted because of fuel medic’s superior stabilization of fuel and removal of water that is the main culprit fouling fuel systems



The Near Future of the Environmental Protection Program

Tampa Bay Yacht Masters created the Environmental Protection Program to help extend our lessons learned in the marine industry to better preserve, remedy, and prevent environmental problems such as hydrocarbon (oil and fuel) based pollution.

Our intentions to provide a platform to educate and advocate safer practices and products for the environment lead us to create the environmental protection program to

*Provide free reading materials to the general public
*Create a non-profit organization to be an umbrella collection of best practices
*Encourage paid tax-deductible membership to drive more collaborative information


The public at large can reference this website and newsletters for information they need to enable safer environmental interactions.

Members find a platform extending beyond their normal web boundaries to reach an audiencethey have not had visibility before or could not necessarily add more educational data to their website.

Our events are conferences that promote new learning experiences, exchange of ideas, and help to standardize the way we all look for viable, affordable, and enhanced practices to tackle one of the most elusive movements to actually take action to be more environmentally responsible

Send email to GreenWorld@ymdi.net for more information on the future of the EPP in terms of participation, membership, product – services – practices submission

** Detoxification / non-toxic means an end result correctly applying De-Oil-It by following the recommended dilution guide, availability of water and oxygen (the activators of De-Oil-It), and being patient (in time naturally occurring bacteria in land and sea will enable the degrading of the hydrocarbon contaminant into smaller simpler molecules of carbon, hydrogen and oxygen versus a complex fully attached hydrocarbon molecular chain that is toxic). Detergents and solvents can only partially breakdown the hydrocarbon chain and their degrading action is weak in the sense that the separated simple hydrocarbon molecules re-bind, leaving remnants of toxic compounds that are harder if not impervious to natural bacteria final degrading; one consequence of this is to encapsulate the oil making it heavy and sink to the ocean floor. De-OilIt’s “colloidal micelle” technology more successfully breaks down the complex hydrocarbon chain, separates smaller simpler hydrocarbon elements, and De-Oil-It then more tightly binds to the broken down hydrocarbon chain parts so they do not reform as is the case with detergents and solvents. We are a non-detergent, non-solvent, organic only formula that works.   We are here to help you understand remediation methods including how much agitation, working with soil and sea, as we have a wealth of experience regarding successful approaches and final outcomes.

Methods of applying De-Oil-It and disposing the cleaning process may be affected by government regulations regarding managing hydrocarbon contaminant (oil, grease, fuel) spills; please follow posted guidelines.


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