For a government organization DE-OIL-IT is a next generation Degreaser/Degrader that cleans grease, fuel & oil spills found throughout the many government agencies better than any others sold today. In fact, the outstanding cleaning and degreasing ability of DE-OIL-IT is so completely through that when applied correctly, hardly a trace of hydrocarbons will remain. DE-OIL-IT also helps eliminate the dangerous fuel vapors that can cause fires and explosions.

The best part about DE-OIL-IT is that after the spill or stain is eliminated, there is a less of a mess to clean up and remediate. This is because DE-OIL-IT keeps cleaning the run-off that goes into the ground, sewers or drains. In fact, DE-OIL-IT’s run-off will actually help eliminate petroleum waste deposits made from past spills or cleaning projects. This is a huge cost savings bonus to the businesses that incorporate DE-OIL-IT into their maintenance program. We do not replace remediation we enhance it, make it faster, and less hazardous.

Because DE-OIL-IT cleans and eliminates grease, fuel and oil waste from just about every surface and reachable subsurface, it has become a perfect go-to product recommended for many of today’s state agencies. Some of these agencies who have inquired or tested include the Bureau of Ocean Energy Management, Regulation and Enforcement  (BOEMRE), the Bureau of Land Management  (BLM), the National Park Service  (NPS), Bureau of Reclamation  (BOR), National Park Service  (NPS),  Office of Environmental Policy and Compliance  (OEPC), US Fish and Wildlife Service  (FWS), the Office of Acquisition and Property Management  (PAM), the Office of Surface Mining Reclamation and Enforcement  (OSM), the US Fish and Wildlife Service  (FWS), the US Geological Survey  (USGS).

DE-OIL-IT is non-toxic (by detoxifying** hydrocarbon molecules) and totally biodegradable. It is not petroleum or citrus based. It does not contain enzymes or microbes. Instead, DE-OIL-IT simply detoxifies the petroleum molecules so that they can no longer kill bacteria. This enables the many types of naturally occurring bacteria to consume the petroleum waste at a normal pace. DE-OIL-IT helps restore the earth’s natural cycle of decomposition to break down what is dead and then reintroduce it back as a healthy medium ready to support new life.

DE-OIL-IT’s combination of superior cleaning performance, environmental friendliness cost savings and safety to the government employees sets it apart as the environmental remediation product for the twenty-first century.

Emergency Spill Response on Land and Water • Highway & Road Depts. • Janitorial Maintenance • Fleet Maintenance • Military • Law Enforcement • Fire Rescue • Local Agencies • County Agencies • Provincial governments • State agencies • Federal Agencies

• Used in the remediation of ocean oil spills
• Used in the remediation of toxic land sites
• Reduces risk of fire and explosion from fuel & oil spills
• Effluent flushes with water, no costly disposal of sorbents
• Mitigates/remediates toxins in soil, drains and water table
• Useful component in fuel & oil spill contingency kits
• Keeps parking and drive-thru areas oil & slip-free
• Cleans & remediates accumulated fueling area spills
• Effective fuel tank and fuel line decontaminant
• Useful in all emergency and first response vehicles
• Removes grease/fuel/oil stains from pavement/concrete
• Use on fuel trucks for spills on soil/pavement/water
• Spill response tool for lake/stream/river/coast areas
• Spill response/firefighting for road/rail/aircraft spills
• Contingency planning: lake/stream/river/coast areas
• Effective spill/fire control in urban and remote areas
• Use for construction equipment cleaning/fueling
• Quickly degrades/remediates spills until other aid arrives

Note: using terms like “hardly a trace” is contributed to De-Oil-It’s “colloidal micelle formation” technology that reduces the surface tension of oils, grease, and fuels so that they do not stick to surfaces. This terminology also applies to the correct use of De-Oil-It that includes but not limited to appropriate amounts of De-Oil-It, water and air (both are activators of De-Oil-It), possible re-application (best guided by not only visual review but also testing of contamination levels), and perhaps government regulations that may affect how you apply and dispose of the cleaning process. Also hardly a trace refers to the application, and possible re-application, of De-Oil-It to further degrade hydrocarbons which in time is augmented by natural occurring bacteria

** Detoxification / non-toxic means an end result correctly applying De-Oil-It by following the recommended dilution guide, availability of water and oxygen (the activators of De-Oil-It), and being patient (in time naturally occurring bacteria in land and sea will enable the degrading of the hydrocarbon contaminant into smaller simpler molecules of carbon, hydrogen and oxygen versus a complex fully attached hydrocarbon molecular chain that is toxic). Detergents and solvents can only partially breakdown the hydrocarbon chain and their degrading action is weak in the sense that the separated simple hydrocarbon molecules re-bind, leaving remnants of toxic compounds that are harder if not impervious to natural bacteria final degrading; one consequence of this is to encapsulate the oil making it heavy and sink to the ocean floor. De-Oil-It’s “colloidal micelle” technology more successfully breaks down the complex hydrocarbon chain, separates smaller simpler hydrocarbon elements, and De-Oil-It then more tightly binds to the broken down hydrocarbon chain parts so they do not reform as is the case with detergents and solvents. We are a non-detergent, non-solvent, organic only formula that works.   We are here to help you understand remediation methods including how much agitation, working with soil and sea, as we have a wealth of experience regarding successful approaches and final outcomes.

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