Major Oil Company Cleans-up Its Chain of Fueling Stations

Port of Spain, Trinidad: National Petroleum, one of the most diversified petroleum companies in the Caribbean, operates its own chain of fueling stations. This month, they began a new environmental program designed to reduce its downstream pollution from the grease, oil and fuel deposits left by the many cars and trucks that visit their stations.

A new product was used called DE-GREASE-IT, a fuel and oil spill eliminator, which completely breaks down any type of hydrocarbon into an environmentally safe form of dirt. “It is so effective,” quotes Christian De Freitas, Business Development Executive for Trinidad Tank & Fuel Service, who did the job “that the run off even cleans any pre-existing toxic soil it comes into contact with as it makes its way through the ground and sewer systems.”

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Petrotrin using DE-OIL-IT in Trinidad Oil Spill clean-up

Cleaning boats with DE-OIL-IT

Petrotrin workers using the de-oil-it product on pirogues at Point Sable Beach in La Brea, yesterday.

Fishermen along the south-western peninsula whose boats were affected by Petrotrin’s 11 oil spills were able to clean their vessels for the first time yesterday using a non-toxic product called “de-oil-it” sourced from the United States. On Friday, brothers Andrew and John Collier, owners of Tank Fuel Services Ltd, along with regional lead of the “de-oil-it” product David Bovell gave president of the La Brea Fishing Association Alvin La Borde and a small group of fishermen a demonstration of the product being used for oil spill clean-up in the presence of Petrotrin’s officials.

The product when applied on areas covered with oil, Bovell said, has the ability to disarm the toxic molecules, leaving surfaces thoroughly clean. The product, they said, apart from being non-toxic to humans, animals and the environment, was also water-based and biodegradable making it an ideal product for oil spill clean-up.  Read more

Trinidad oil spill- Energy Company wants to advise Petrotrin on solvent

Trinidad oil spill cleanup

Trinidad oil spill cleanup

As clean-up operations continue to drag on at beach fronts and other coastal communities along south western peninsula, following a Trinidad oil spill which occurred on December 18 last, one of Trinidad’s energy management companies has suggested that the time may have come to utilise environmentally friendly agents to disperse the oil, and aid in the return of marine life.

Making the suggestion was Trinidad Tank & Fuel Services Limited (TT&FSL), representative David Bovell.

In an interview at the company’s Marabella offices on Tuesday, said while the company appreciated the challenges facing the Ministry of Energy and state owned oil company, Petrotrin in cleaning up the beaches and other marine areas, Bovell said the country may not possess a ‘response formula’ with the appropriate dispersants to deal with significant oil spills recently experienced.

“We accept that there are certain challenges that the Ministry has, recently a national Trinidad oil spill committee was appointed, and it cuts across just about all the sectors of society and responding companies,’ he said. Read more

See what DE-OIL-IT is doing for the environment- Video

DE-OIL-IT wants what is best for our environment and makes that an important consideration. Unlike other products, DE-OIL-IT doesn’t sink petroleum waste to the bottom of the ocean or move it to poisonous dump sites. Eventually that discarded toxic waste will contaminate our waterways, leach into our water supplies and adversely affect marine, plant, animal and human life.

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Freeport News posts on DE-OIL-IT: New environmentally friendly product to be released

Once DE-OIL-IT comes into contact with any type of petroleum based spill, the remediating process begins

Once DE-OIL-IT comes into contact with any type of petroleum based spill, the remediating process begins. It is complete and irreversible. DE-OIL-IT will not let the oil re-bond and sink to the oceans bottom and ruin their beautiful reefs and beaches. — in Freeport, The Bahamas.

Overseas Marine Company has partnered with the Green World Products, LLC to introduce a new, environmentally friendly product called ‘DE-OIL-IT.’

DE-OIL-IT is a unique, non-toxic solution that completely eliminates all fuel and oil spills found on land or water. It also breaks down the petroleum molecules and safely reintroduces them back into the environment.

This revolutionary product is a degreaser-degrader, but it can also be used as a powerful cleaning agent in the household.

John Collier, Managing Director of Trinidad Tank and Fuel Services who conducted the four day training seminar said, “We have a product that is strong enough to address real-life situations we face in the energy and industrial marine sectors such as oil spills, but yet gentle enough to use to mop your floors and clean your toilets. It protects the environment and more importantly the workers.

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