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Horrific Injuries Linked to BP Dispersant Corexit

Originally published on By Cameron Langford, Courthouse News Service Exposure to chemical dispersants BP used in the Gulf of Mexico oil spill left a commercial diver with seizures, unable to walk and going blind – and two members of his dive team committed suicide, the man claims in Harris County Court. David Hogan and […]

BP oil spill health settlement details are still a mystery

Originally published on In the BP oil spill case, the health settlement negotiated last weekend between BP and attorneys for private plaintiffs in the oil spill litigation makes tens of thousands of new people eligible for care and compensation from the disaster, and it could make a meaningful difference in the delivery of mental and physical health care […]

Can they really Fix BP’s Big Fix?

Originally published on Triple Pundit. By Carol Pierson Holding BP is putting a lot of money behind a TV commercial that opens with “This was the Gulf’s best tourism season in years.” In the sixty-second spot, businesses in Gulf cities like New Orleans and Panama City Florida invite tourists to come back. The ad is gorgeously filmed. Sparkling […]

Volunteers sought for studies into oil spill’s health effects

Originally published on Volunteers are being sought to participate in a long-term study on the impact of the BP oil spill on cleanup workers and anglers. Gloria Horning, a spokeswoman for the Be Ready Alliance Coordinating for Emergencies, or BRACE, is recruiting the volunteers.

Gulf Oil Spill: Seafood Harvesters Offered More Money For BP Damage

Originally published on By CAIN BURDEAU NEW ORLEANS — Gulf of Mexico shrimpers and crabbers, who have reported diminished catches since the BP oil spill, are being offered a more generous settlement package because of lingering uncertainties over the safety of their seafood. On Wednesday, Kenneth Feinberg, who is overseeing payments from a $20 […]

What Causes Parkinson’s Disease? New Clues…

Originally published on Health Goes Strong. There’s new evidence that common chemicals cause Parkinson’s disease. BY: CELESTE PERRONResearchers are eager to identify causes of Parkinson’s disease, a debilitating neurological disorder which affects as many as 500,000 Americans, with 50,000 diagnosed each year. A new study, published in the journal Annals of Neurology finds that exposure to a widely used industrial […]

‘Big Fix’ alleges oil-spill cover-ups

Originally published on   By Cara Bayles Josh Tickell said he did not set out to make his documentary, “The Big Fix,” when he traveled to Grand Isle in the summer of 2010. A local fishermen’s advocate says she plans to screen “The Big Fix” documentary film in Houma, Grand Isle and Plaquemines Parish […]

Corexit survivors studied not helped

Originally published at Neglected Gulf Coast oil-Corexit survivors targeted for research in ongoing crime While the U.S. government has, for nineteen months, continually violated human right to health by refusing medical help for Gulf Coast victims suffering from oil and Corexit in the nation’s worst eco-catastrophe in history, it is backing an unprecedented, long-term, costly […]

What Are The Ingredients In The Dispersants Used In The BP Oil Spill Cleanup?

Originally published on written by Adriene Hill Easy Answer: Just ask the EPA. To help clean up all that oil gushing into the Gulf of Mexico, BP has been dousing the area with something called a chemical dispersant, which breaks down the oil into small droplets. The government say nearly 1.8 million gallons of the […]