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See what DE-OIL-IT is doing for the environment- Video

DE-OIL-IT wants what is best for our environment and makes that an important consideration. Unlike other products, DE-OIL-IT doesn’t sink petroleum waste to the bottom of the ocean or move it to poisonous dump sites. Eventually that discarded toxic waste will contaminate our waterways, leach into our water supplies and adversely affect marine, plant, animal […]

DE-OIL-IT automated delivery into an effluent pit

In the oil field, an effluent pit is a manmade collection pit/hole in the earth/ground. It is designed to collect all oil contaminated discharges from a designated facility. This effluent pit can vary in size, shape and depth depending on the amount of effluent discharges generated by a company/facility. The effluent pit is fitted with […]

DE-OIL-IT Biodegradable Degreaser

DE-OIL-IT is featured in an unsolicited write up in I know that a biodegradable degreaser, even one with as neat of a name as De-Oil-It, might not sound all that exciting to you but to me it’s as cool as Miles Davis. You see, my alter ego is an environmental scientist. For the past five […]

DE-OIL-IT addresses oil spills on land and water

This is a story about how an Oil Company rose from villainy to superherodom. A few months ago, Trinidad Tank and Fuel introduced DE-OIL-IT to one of their land-based, Oil Production clients. It was a perfect match as DE-OIL-IT serves both for oil spill petroleum remediation and as a cleaning product for machinery used in oil production and refinement. […]

Oil Spill Cleanup: St. Cloud firm cleans up with eco-friendly option

Michael Fitzgerald has just the product for oil spill cleanup in the greenest way. Fitzgerald, president and CEO of St. Cloud-based Green World Products LLC, said his firm is enjoying the spoils of a growing interest in an eco-friendly product for oil spill cleanup. The firm, which has been doing research and development since 2010, this […]

DE-OIL-IT to the rescue: Emergency oil spill cleanup in Trinidad

This story about an emergency oil spill cleanup came in over the weekend from Trinidad Tank and Fuel:   A few months ago we introduced DE-OIL-IT to one of our land-based, Oil Production clients. Although impressed, they advised that they would make an executive decision and would let us know what their decision was in […]

Cleaning up oil spills in Trinidad

By Essiba Small Edited for by Naomi Lee When you live in an oil-producing country, with over four million barrels traversing the waters on a daily basis, oil spillage seems par for the course. Brothers John and Andrew Collier have seen first-hand the damage caused by oil spills locally and they are concerned about […]

Law approving application of DE-OIL-IT for oil spill cleanup

PROTECT YOUR IMAGE & SAVE MONEY USING DEOIL-IT FOR OIL SPILL CLEANUP! Using DE-OIL-IT minimizes or avoids substantial costs of fines, clean-up, shut-downs, legal fees and environmental restoration and mitigation, and reinforces a stance of proactive environmental awareness and stewardship as part of your required oil spill cleanup plan. Request our dilution sheet for dozens of industries […]

Oven comes out sparkly clean when I use DE-OIL-IT to remove all the gunk!

In album DE-OIL-IT cleans the oven (6 photos) Spray DE-OIL-IT on the oven racks Google+: View post on Google+ So, last night I broke a record in our house. I set off not 1, but 2 smoke detectors while making dinner in the oven! Turns out the olive oil from our pizza crust last weekend […]