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See what DE-OIL-IT is doing for the environment- Video

DE-OIL-IT wants what is best for our environment and makes that an important consideration. Unlike other products, DE-OIL-IT doesn’t sink petroleum waste to the bottom of the ocean or move it to poisonous dump sites. Eventually that discarded toxic waste will contaminate our waterways, leach into our water supplies and adversely affect marine, plant, animal […]

Oil spill on Lake Malawi can take 700 years to recover

The Department of Fisheries under the Ministry of Agriculture and Food Security has for the first time spoken on the effects of a potential oil spill on Lake Malawi and the prospects of drilling oil. Principal Fisheries Research officer who is also Officer-in-Charge of the Senga Bay Fisheries Research Centre, Maxon Ngochera, explained that because […]

Yacht Masters Distributors offers a new Environmental Program including DE-OIL-IT

Yacht Masters Distributors, Inc. announces the availability of our ENVIRONMENTAL PROGRAM that provides dealers, retailers, and distributors a set line of environmentally safe products for use on your boat, docks, and marinas to preserve our waterways. Boat and marina owners face many challenges protecting our environment when cleaning, lubricating, and improving boat performance. Fuel and […]

DE-OIL-IT, the Golf Course Master

I was at a Golf Course today and they fortuitously had a large engine spill. We treated it with DE-OIL-IT and then left to work on something else. I returned about 4 hours later and took photos and re treated the area – see the photo album attached. In album DE-OIL-IT applications on the golf course […]

11 year old sings at a rally against drilling in Canada

At 9 she wrote a protest song that could stand alongside some Dylan tunes. Reshared post from +JC Little Amazing 11 year old girl sings at #NoTanker rally. Must see. Google+: View post on Google+ Post imported by Google+Blog. Created By Daniel Treadwell.

Keystone pipeline will spill, study predicts

Originally published at BY ALYSSA BATTISTONI It’s a matter of when, not if, say Cornell economists Republicans have sought to frame the Keystone XL pipeline as a job-creating project being thwarted by “radical environmentalists.” Is it? A new Cornell University study claims that the pipeline could actually have a negative impact on the economies of the states it […]

Nigeria: The Curse of Oil – 200 Riverside Delta Communities Cry Out

BY EMMA AMAIZE, originally published on There are two traditional African sayings that “a man that lives near the river will not use spit to wash his hands” and “a man cannot be in the river and be looking for fish to eat.” Both mean the same thing, which is that one cannot be […]

Why open science failed after the BP gulf oil spill

By John Timmer, originally published on ars technica. At last month’s meeting of the American Association for the Advancement of science, there was an inspiring talk about how the open sharing of scientific data could provide new avenues for research. But the same session also provided a cautionary tale of all the factors that can get in the […]