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Exxon to Pay $100 Million Fine And Plead Guilty in Valdez Spill- Retrospective

By KEITH SCHNEIDER, originally posted in the New York Times in 1991. The Exxon Corporation has agreed to plead guilty to a criminal charge arising from the 1989 Exxon Valdez oil spill and pay a $100 million fine, officials of the Environmental Protection Agency said tonight. The $100 million would be part of payments by Exxon […]

Petrol Politics: How Much Should an Oil Spill Cost?

Originally published by Time. By BRYAN WALSH How serious should the penalties for an oil spill be? In early November, Chevron and its drilling partner Transocean accidentally spilled some 3,000 barrels of oil into the ocean off the coast of Rio de Janeiro in Brazil. As oil spill go, it was relatively minor—although it is a sign of […]

BP Announces Cameron Settlement Over Gulf Oil Spill

Originally published on Nine News Today. (BBC News) – Oil giant BP has agreed a settlement with contractor Cameron International over the Gulf of Mexico oil spill. Cameron was the designer and manufacturer of the blow-out preventer on the Deep Water Horizon project, which failed during the spill. Under the agreement, which settles all claims […]

Brazil Sues Chevron for $11 Billion for oil spill

Originally published by the Wall Street Journal. By MATTHEW COWLEY And JOHN LYONS SAO PAULO—A Brazilian federal prosecutor on Wednesday asked a judge to shut down all Chevron Corp. and Transocean Ltd. operations in Brazil in a lawsuit that seeks some 20 billion Brazilian reais ($11 billion) in damages from the companies, the latest legal broadside to the […]

Thai vessel stranded on reef facing daily Rf700,000 fine, oil spill risk

Originally published on Minivan News. By Eleanor Johnstone The owner of Thai fishing vessel that ran aground on the reef along Shangri-La Villingili Island Resort last month will today be issued a Rf700,000 (US$45,400) fine per day for failing to salvage the boat within the legal 25-day period. Transport Minister Adil Saleem said the fine was […]