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Federal judge urged to approve BP’s proposed settlement of Gulf oil spill claims

NEW ORLEANS — BP and attorneys for businesses and people who lost money in the Gulf oil spill urged a federal judge Thursday to give his final approval to a class-action settlement. U.S. District Judge Carl Barbier heard arguments from lawyers who negotiated the deal as well as other attorneys who have objected to parts […]

BP oil spill: Senate seeks answers regarding unaccounted oil

NEW ORLEANS — In the wake of Hurricane Isaac, sediment and sand across coastal Louisiana shifted to reveal tar balls and oil mats — part of the buried remnants of the 2010 BP oil spill. “The storm did us some favor in giving us access to something that we might not have had access to […]

How The Mighty Mississippi Saved Shores From BP Oil Spill

Originally published on US News. Most of us have by now seen the happy, sunny commercials BP has sprinkled across the television landscape in the past few months, welcoming Americans back to the beaches in Florida, Louisiana, and other southern coasts affected by the Deepwater Horizon BP oil spill in the spring of 2010. The […]

Investigators urge more research on oil spill dispersants

Originally published on the Daily Comet. BATON ROUGE — The Government Accountability Office says more research is needed on possible environmental problems that could result from using oil spill dispersants to break up an oil spill, as BP PLC did after the disastrous 2010 spill in the Gulf of Mexico. The GAO, the investigative arm of […]

Horrific Injuries Linked to BP Dispersant Corexit

Originally published on By Cameron Langford, Courthouse News Service Exposure to chemical dispersants BP used in the Gulf of Mexico oil spill left a commercial diver with seizures, unable to walk and going blind – and two members of his dive team committed suicide, the man claims in Harris County Court. David Hogan and […]