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New Zealand oil spill ship owners charged

Originally published by The Guardian. Liberian-based Daina Shipping, a branch of the Greek company Costamare, faces big fines over Rena disaster. New Zealand authorities have filed charges against the owners of a cargo ship that ran aground on a reef six months ago, creating what authorities describe as the country’s worst maritime environmental disaster.

And waves take the rest of Rena down.

And waves take the rest of Rena down. Reshared post from +JF Boers It's amazing how this big vessel is going down. Embedded Link Aft Section Rena Sunk – Response – Spill International – News on Marine Spills and Pollution On 4 April 2012, the aft section of container vessel Rena grounded on the Astrolabe […]

Rena: Oil clean-up chemical worries Greenpeace

Originally published by New Zealand Herald. Greenpeace has called on authorities to answer “serious questions” over the chemical used to disperse oil from the Rena, after a top environmental adviser yesterday admitted scientists were “in the dark” about its effects. Maritime New Zealand sprayed about 200 litres of Corexit 9500, the chemical used during the […]

Rena clean-up could take a year

Originally published by the New Zealand Herald. It could take at least a year for the Bay of Plenty to recover from the Rena crisis – and officials are still preparing for all the stricken ship’s remaining oil and containers to be lost into the sea. Maritime New Zealand says an observation flight this morning […]

Rena: Shipwreck that shook a nation

Original story published in the New Zealand Herald. Source story can be read here. By Isaac Davison, Jamie Morton, Phil Taylor and Catherine Masters A team of Herald reporters charts the Rena disaster as it unfolds from the moment the ship hits the rocks. Astrolabe Reef with its caves, valleys and deep drop-off teems with life. It’s magical under the ocean and […]

Ship stuck on New Zealand reef leaking oil

Read original story here. WELLINGTON, New Zealand (AP) Authorities say a large container ship stuck on a reef off the coast of New Zealand is leaking oil. Maritime New Zealand says the leak appears to be intermittent and coming from damaged pipes rather than from fuel tanks, but it remains hard to assess given the […]