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Now we all know I’m a sucker for ocean infographics

I mean what could be better than learning about something new from a great visual?? This is a cool ocean infographic sent to from Caroline Jenkins, thanks for sharing with us Caroline! See the full infographic here-

St. Eustatius: How ‘Green’ is the Golden Rock?

Part III of a multi-part series originally published on By Betsy Crowfoot Even as St. Eustatius (Statia) was putting the final touches on its Spatial Development Plan last spring, NuStar Energy LLP was forging ahead with preparations for a second oil terminal on the small central-Caribbean Island. Already the Fortune 500 company has more […]

St. Eustatius Residents Fear Losing Their Island to Expanded Oil Terminal

Part II of a multi-part series, published at By Betsy Crowfoot ORANJESTAD, SE – Kenneth Cuvalay, Coordinator of the St. Eustatius Awareness and Development (SEAD) Movement, sat at a restaurant along St. Eustatius’ (Statia) historic waterfront with several opponents of NuStar Energy’s proposed oil terminal expansion. The informal gathering took place at a spot where […]

The Spill Seekers: Sailing into the Gulf after the BP oil spill

Originally published on In the aftermath of the Big Leak, the author wrangles a skipper, a conservationist, and the real Forrest Gump to hoist canvas and sail into the mess that is the Gulf of Mexico. But here’s the crazy part: While stewing in America’s worst environmental disaster, he has a hulluva lot of […]

Deep Gulf drilling thrives 18 mos. after BP spill

Risky but rewarding: deepwater drilling in Gulf is thriving 18 months after BP spill By Jonathan Fahey, AP Energy Writer ALAMINOS CANYON BLOCK 857, GULF OF MEXICO (AP) — Two hundred miles off the coast of Texas, ribbons of pipe are reaching for oil and natural gas deeper below the ocean’s surface than ever before. These […]

Safety seemed to be an afterthought before the BP oil spill

Originally published by the Los Angeles Times. In the years leading up to last year’s Deepwater Horizon explosion in the Gulf of Mexico, the petroleum industry and federal regulators put exploration and production first, according to an independent report.