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New Zealand oil spill ship owners charged

Originally published by The Guardian. Liberian-based Daina Shipping, a branch of the Greek company Costamare, faces big fines over Rena disaster. New Zealand authorities have filed charges against the owners of a cargo ship that ran aground on a reef six months ago, creating what authorities describe as the country’s worst maritime environmental disaster.

French court may overturn total oil spill ruling

Originally published on Reuters. By Thierry Lévêque France’s highest court could annual verdict against national oil giant Total over a devastating 1999 oil spill off the Brittany coast, a legal source told Reuters on Friday. Total, currently battling to cut off a gas leak at its North Sea Elgin platform off Scotland, was found guilty […]

Exxon Valdez sets course for scrap yard

Originally published on The National. The Exxon Valdez, perhaps the most infamous oil tanker of all time for its involvement in the spilling of crude oil all over Alaska’s pristine Prince William Sound in the late 1980s, has been sold for scrap. In the spring of 1989, televisions around the world showed endless footage of sea […]