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Niger Delta Heavily Polluted Through Continuous Oil Spills

Published originally on Unrepresented Nations and Peoples Organization Despite the recovery initiatives suggested by the United Nations, the Nigerian government has so far failed to take action against the ongoing oil spills, which are threatening the natural habitat of more than a million Ogoni people . Below is an article published by Yale Environment 360: The Ogoniland […]

DOE leasing loophole allowed TCE-affected school to go unnoticed for years

Originally published on The Real Deal: New York City Real Estate News. The story of a Bronx public school that for 20 years exposed its students to hazardous toxins suddenly has a real estate connection. City Limits reported that a loophole in the Department of Education’s leasing policy left students, teachers, parents and school officials […]

Volunteers sought for studies into oil spill’s health effects

Originally published on Volunteers are being sought to participate in a long-term study on the impact of the BP oil spill on cleanup workers and anglers. Gloria Horning, a spokeswoman for the Be Ready Alliance Coordinating for Emergencies, or BRACE, is recruiting the volunteers.

Shell spills 13,000 gallons while drilling near Deepwater Horizon site

Originally published on Shell International spilled 13,000 gallons of oil and drilling fluids into the Gulf on Sunday while drilling an exploratory well near the site of last year’s Deepwater Horizon accident, according to a federal report on the spill. The area where the well was being drilled is about 20 miles from the site […]

Group focuses on train pollution Idling locomotives in the Eugene rail yard raise health concerns

Originally published by the Register-Guard. BY DIANE DIETZ To Trainsong Neighborhood resident Jim Tiley, the difference is stark. It’s one shiny new locomotive on the Eugene rail yard tracks sitting next to another locomotive that’s half-blackened, he said. New locomotives are fitted with pollution control devices and anti-idling equipment. But an old puffer may sit idling […]

New oil leak found in Brazil

Originally published on The Raw Story. By Agence France-Presse Brazil’s environmental authorities said they have discovered a 10,000 liter leak at an oil platform in the pristine Bay of Ilha Grande, the second such mishap to threaten this country’s shorelines in recent weeks. Carlos Minc, Environment Secretary in Rio de Janeiro state, said the accident […]

PowerGen takes blame for oil spill in Trinidad

Originally published by Trinidad Express. By Renuka Singh A two-day oil leak from PowerGen’s bunkered fuel tanker has spilled out into Invaders Bay and left an almost two-mile long oil slick, affecting boats at the harbour in Port of Spain. The spill was observed in a drain running parallel to the Young Men’s Christian Association […]