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Keystone pipeline will spill, study predicts

Originally published at BY ALYSSA BATTISTONI It’s a matter of when, not if, say Cornell economists Republicans have sought to frame the Keystone XL pipeline as a job-creating project being thwarted by “radical environmentalists.” Is it? A new Cornell University study claims that the pipeline could actually have a negative impact on the economies of the states it […]

Argo Merchant oil spill was catalyst for change, 1979

Originally published on the Wicked Local: Cape Cod. By Doreen Leggett On Dec. 15, 1976, the tanker Argo Merchant ran aground on Nantucket Shoals. When less than a week later it broke in half and spilled enough oil to heat 18,000 homes for a year, residents of the Cape and Islands began imagining the worst. […]