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Oil Spill Response Exercise in Florida Keys: Video

NOAA and the USGS hold regular oil spill response exercises in the marine sanctuaries located in the Florida Keys. This movie shows the response, and the way information is gathered and used to master an oil spill. NOAA’s Office of Response and Restoration keeps their oil spill response program ship-shape by running exercises every year. […]

Government to Reassess Oil Spill Response

A panel of 22 US researchers including University of Georgia marine scientist Samantha Joye has urged the federal government to reassess how it would manage oil spill response that might occur in the future. In addition to creating a new model for understanding how deep-water oil spills occur, the authors argue for an increase in […]

Groups question spill plans as Arctic drilling creeps forward

Originally published on By DAN JOLING Associated Press ANCHORAGE, Alaska (AP) – In choppy water under blue sky off Bellingham, Wash., a Shell Oil crew on Monday lowered a “capping stack” 200 feet in the water and put it through maneuvers with underwater robots connected by cable to operators on the surface, a test that fulfilled […]

Putting lessons in ocean technology into action

Article originally published on Cordova Times. by – Cathy Pegau A few weeks ago, Paul Bednarz’s sixth graders were at the pool, but none of them got wet. No, they weren’t in the pool, their ROVs (Remotely Operated Vehicles) were, performing a series of tasks to show how well they could maneuver and clean up a […]