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Group focuses on train pollution Idling locomotives in the Eugene rail yard raise health concerns

Originally published by the Register-Guard. BY DIANE DIETZ To Trainsong Neighborhood resident Jim Tiley, the difference is stark. It’s one shiny new locomotive on the Eugene rail yard tracks sitting next to another locomotive that’s half-blackened, he said. New locomotives are fitted with pollution control devices and anti-idling equipment. But an old puffer may sit idling […]

California Railroad Pollution: Two US Railroads Face Unique Lawsuit

Originally posted at     By NOAKI SCHWARTZ LOS ANGELES — When the lump on her toddler’s tummy turned out to be a rare cancer, Carla Hernandez wondered if living just a half-mile from two rail yards emitting a constant veil of near-invisible pollution was somehow responsible. “When she was diagnosed they kept asking […]

Metra will clear the air in its train cars

Railroad to install high-efficiency filters to reduce soot after Tribune investigation. Originally published in the Chicago Tribune. By Michael Hawthorne, Tribune reporter Metra appears to have found a way to dramatically cleanup the air inside its stainless-steel cars, but spikes of lung- and heart-damaging diesel pollution will remain a lingering problem on the platforms at Chicago’s […]