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Brooklyn Oil Spill Cleanup Continues in Waterway

About 130 private recreational boats are in need of serious cleaning, following the spill of about 1,100 gallons of oil mixed with liquid concrete into a waterway in southeast Brooklyn. The Brooklyn oil spill occurred late last Thursday or early Friday morning, and workers are now using an oil boom to contain the sludge and […]

Nigeria Oil Spill – Concern Over Delayed Clean-Up

Residents of Ibeno community in Akwa Ibom have expressed concern over the suspension of the Nigeria oil spill clean up of the Atlantic Coastline contaminated by an oil spill on August 13th. The Mobil Producing Nigeria (MPN) had reported an oil spill at the Qua Iboe fields to the Nigeria oil spill agency, claiming that […]

Coast Guard Overseeing Clean-Up Of Brooklyn Oil Spill

NEW YORK (CBSNewYork) – The U.S. Coast Guard has been tapped to oversee the clean-up of the Brooklyn oil spill in Paerdegat Basin. National Grid was replacing a gas main through the waterway near Jamaica Bay on Thursday when something went wrong, causing the caustic petroleum-cement mixture to spill out. A sheen can be seen atop the water […]

Government to Reassess Oil Spill Response

A panel of 22 US researchers including University of Georgia marine scientist Samantha Joye has urged the federal government to reassess how it would manage oil spill response that might occur in the future. In addition to creating a new model for understanding how deep-water oil spills occur, the authors argue for an increase in […]

Investigators urge more research on oil spill dispersants

Originally published on the Daily Comet. BATON ROUGE — The Government Accountability Office says more research is needed on possible environmental problems that could result from using oil spill dispersants to break up an oil spill, as BP PLC did after the disastrous 2010 spill in the Gulf of Mexico. The GAO, the investigative arm of […]

Yacht Masters Distributors offers a new Environmental Program including DE-OIL-IT

Yacht Masters Distributors, Inc. announces the availability of our ENVIRONMENTAL PROGRAM that provides dealers, retailers, and distributors a set line of environmentally safe products for use on your boat, docks, and marinas to preserve our waterways. Boat and marina owners face many challenges protecting our environment when cleaning, lubricating, and improving boat performance. Fuel and […]

Recovery after Yellowstone oil spill in Silvertip

Originally published on, Written by Kenneth Wong LAUREL – In the late night hours of July 1st, 2011, a pipeline in the Yellowstone River ruptured, which started an oil spill that lasted for months, and by July 2nd, more than 40,000 gallons of oil leaked into the Yellowstone River, near Laurel. While Bob Landon lives […]

Law approving application of DE-OIL-IT for oil spill cleanup

PROTECT YOUR IMAGE & SAVE MONEY USING DEOIL-IT FOR OIL SPILL CLEANUP! Using DE-OIL-IT minimizes or avoids substantial costs of fines, clean-up, shut-downs, legal fees and environmental restoration and mitigation, and reinforces a stance of proactive environmental awareness and stewardship as part of your required oil spill cleanup plan. Request our dilution sheet for dozens of industries […]

DE-OIL-IT, the Golf Course Master

I was at a Golf Course today and they fortuitously had a large engine spill. We treated it with DE-OIL-IT and then left to work on something else. I returned about 4 hours later and took photos and re treated the area – see the photo album attached. In album DE-OIL-IT applications on the golf course […]

Why open science failed after the BP gulf oil spill

By John Timmer, originally published on ars technica. At last month’s meeting of the American Association for the Advancement of science, there was an inspiring talk about how the open sharing of scientific data could provide new avenues for research. But the same session also provided a cautionary tale of all the factors that can get in the […]