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Cleaning up oil spills in Trinidad

By Essiba Small Edited for by Naomi Lee When you live in an oil-producing country, with over four million barrels traversing the waters on a daily basis, oil spillage seems par for the course. Brothers John and Andrew Collier have seen first-hand the damage caused by oil spills locally and they are concerned about […]

Oven comes out sparkly clean when I use DE-OIL-IT to remove all the gunk!

In album DE-OIL-IT cleans the oven (6 photos) Spray DE-OIL-IT on the oven racks Google+: View post on Google+ So, last night I broke a record in our house. I set off not 1, but 2 smoke detectors while making dinner in the oven! Turns out the olive oil from our pizza crust last weekend […]

New DE-OIL-IT video: DE-OIL-IT for cleaning and degreasing

James Burke of Buck’s Lawnmower shop talks about how he and his staff use DE-OIL-IT to clean lawnmowers, engines, oil tanks, shop rags, work shirts, even the shop floor. He shows examples of DE-OIL-IT in action on a filthy lawnmower engine gunked in grease and oil and his oil disposal tank.

Concrete Driveway Stain Clean-up with DE-OIL-IT

These are some pictures of a issue I had. Driving out my driveway the power steering line broke. I snapped some photos backed the truck up to the dirt where I took more photos. I then started the process of using the De-Oil-It. I sprayed the product on full strength. After spraying on the De-Oil-It […]

Cleaning a Boat Bilge and a Bucketful of Sludge

I wanted to share the unexpected results I had using De-Oil-It… A friend’s boat was being stored in my back yard for about 5 months. My wife was walking by the boat and smelled gas fumes. The boat had a crack in in the fuel filter housing and was leaking gas and two cycle oil […]

Another Clean Boat Bilge Testimonial

Check out these pics of a bilge I saw when we peeled off the deck of a 2005 Grady White to install a larger access hatch and Flexiteek synthetic teak. The bilge slime is vintage 2005 and all I did was spray the de-oil-it product and let it soak for not even 20 minutes.