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Oil Spill Contaminates River in Colombia video

An oil spill in Colombia has contaminated the Pamplonita River, leaving hundreds of thousands of people in the city of Cucuta without drinking water. DE-OIL-IT could and should be used to decontaminate the water supply that has been affected by this spill.

New DE-OIL-IT video: DE-OIL-IT for cleaning and degreasing

James Burke of Buck’s Lawnmower shop talks about how he and his staff use DE-OIL-IT to clean lawnmowers, engines, oil tanks, shop rags, work shirts, even the shop floor. He shows examples of DE-OIL-IT in action on a filthy lawnmower engine gunked in grease and oil and his oil disposal tank.

Expert: BP Spill Likely Cause of Sick Gulf Fish – Video Report

More than a year after the largest oil spill in U.S. history, researchers studying the Gulf of Mexico are finding that more fish are sick, and they’re trying to figure out exactly why. CBS News Correspondent Dr. Debbye Turner Bell took a trip to the Gulf recently to speak with scientists and fishermen about what’s […]

New DE-OIL-IT videos began production yesterday

The video crew of Green World Products shot its first footage of DE-OIL-IT applications at JB Enterprises, located in Titusville, Florida. Upon our arrival, Jim Burke, president and CEO of JB Enterprises, immediately took charge and helped stage and direct a series of DE-OIL-IT applications, which included cleaning fuel and oil buildups on engines, machines, […]